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Name Elden Ring
Publisher jairea
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Rating 4.68 / 5 ( 9653 votes )
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Following the well-received Fantasy of Throne and Prism of Fate, Fantasy of Tarnished Souls is an action RPG with a rich story, and a large and beautiful world.
In Fantasy of Tarnished Souls, you can freely mix and match the skills that you have learned during the game and can develop your character according to your play style.

The vast world of Fantasy of Tarnished Souls can be explored in two styles. The first is the Adventure Style that lets you enjoy an outdoor game with dynamic battles as you progress. The other is the Map Style that lets you immerse yourself in the story in the style of a visual novel.

As you quest, you will come across dungeons that range from small to large. Dungeons that are connected to the world map appear in different locations and are incredibly deep!

As you advance your destiny, you will be forced to face the Grand Bosses of each chapter!


Fantasy of Tarnished Souls is slated to release in December 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo 3DS.



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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • The Ultimate in Fantasy Action RPG.
  • A vast World Full of Variety.
  • Customize your character’s appearance through equipment and magic.
  • A unique fantasy drama where players are united by the Elden Ring’s corruption.
  • Online and asynchronous online play. You can directly connect with other players.
  • Special features:

    • The next fantasy action RPG for console.
    • A new fantasy game that is unique because it is an RPG in the first person.
    • The complete anime-style graphics that only anime can achieve.
    • The game plays with the heritage of Fate and Sword Art Online, but changes from a server connection focused game to a free-to-connect, updated online game.
    • A new kind of action game in which your actions directly affect the system.
    • A new kind of RPG in which equipment can be upgraded while you play.
    • The world has been entirely remodeled from the ground up to bring a fresh feel to the combat and also the upgrade screen.
    • A revamped class system that allows you to freely switch between jobs.
    • A unique battle system in which your actions directly affect the outcome of battle.
    • The game’s story is an intergalactic drama. An epic fantasy drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.
    • A new skill development system which allows you to customize your character’s skills in order to master your respective character.


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    Elden Ring Download (Updated 2022)

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    Elden Ring Crack With Serial Key Latest

    • Examine a 3D world

    Enhance your character by equipping items and materials.

    • Create your own path

    Rise to power as a Lord and call on your inner strength to overcome daunting difficulties.



    A Tarnished Warrior

    ■ A Tarnished Warrior

    ※ ※ Information from the website
    A warrior who was raised from a child slave girl and became a powerful warrior, bearing the name of Tarnished, the fourth child of the Dead King. She is feared as a warrior who has surpassed even the great black dragon. No one can truly know her true power as her story is shrouded in mystery, and yet for all her rage and harshness she has a gentle personality and a warm heart. She resides in the Elden City, along with several others, in which she is treated like a goddess by those around her.

    ※ ※ Information from the website

    An Elden Lord

    ■ An Elden Lord

    ※ ※ Information from the website
    “The Elden Ring.” The mysterious organization that has been in the past given a name, “the one for whom the Elden City exists,” and at present is floating in the Lands Between. Previously it consisted of a group of Elden who had stepped forward and cut their thumbs in the same fashion as a slave girl.

    A Warrior King

    ■ A Warrior King

    ※ ※ Information from the website
    The “Elden King” is the leader of the Brotherhood of Wolves that have made up the Elden Ring. In the past the King has only entrusted those with whom he is on good terms to the Brotherhood of Wolves; however, this time the King entrusted the four Elden Lords to the Brotherhood of Wolves.

    The Kings

    ■ The Kings

    ※ ※ Information from the website
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    A Monster Killing Adventure

    ■ A Monster Killing Adventure

    ※ ※ Information from the website
    The “Elden Lords” who are the members of the Brotherhood of Wolves are the weapons for the Elden Ring in their journey to the whereabouts of the Black Dragon.
    In this Elden Ring, the four


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    System Requirements:

    PC version recommended for Nvidia 8xxx and higher GPUs. For AMD GPUs, the minimum recommended is Radeon 57xx.
    60 frames-per-second (FPS) minimum at 1080p is required for optimal performance.
    Multiplayer can be played with up to eight players on the same screen.
    To play online, a minimum of 8 gigabytes of free HDD space is required to download the game and updates.
    Minimum recommended specs at 720p is 30 FPS or higher for stable gameplay. Recommended are GTX 460, or higher for 1080p. For AMD GPUs


    Additional Information

    Name Elden Ring
    Publisher jairea
    Format File
    Rating 4.68 / 5 ( 9653 votes )
    Update (7 days ago)


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